About Us

Wanted 21 Inc is excited about the development of PWA (Progressive Web Apps), the Design of Websites and Java Enterprise Applications (Java EE Applications), we always try to create a customized solution for your professional need.

Listen to our clients and bring their ideas to a simple language to obtain the best results from them on the internet. We guide our developments and strategies to comply with the highest international quality standards: Responsive, SEO Friendly, Usability, Speed and Cybersecurity.
Our work is guaranteed. All our clients receive the attention in detail and perfect and the best possible quality of each of our consultants and team of developers.



We are here to serve the best of all. Be it our clients, our staff or our colleagues, and that means being:

Collaborative: Our clients are a vital part of our project teams, so we fulfill and design the requirements of our clients from scratch and with the collaboration of the clients.
Flexible: We do not make a one size fits all, we evolve more as we learn, so our work pattern changes constantly according to the client’s professional needs.
Open: We listen carefully and discuss everything you need to make the best decisions for your audience.
Punctual: We believe that time is active. We always commit to deadlines and work very hard to provide the solution in the shortest possible time.


Leave a positive mark on the brand of our customers. Our development procedures are aimed at offering everything our customers need to enhance their brand and their needs and place on another technological level, to keep up with the big brands. We want to work with us always be easy, fast and pleasant.


We want to be committed to the problems of our clients transparently and effectively to become your trusted partner. In our vision we want to be a reference company, that walks with the change of technology and society, making known the possibilities of free standards and technologies. This work must be performed ethically and satisfactorily for us, our customers and the rest of society

Wanted 21

Contact us whenever you need it and our team will send you a brochure with possible solutions in less time possible.